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Fire ladders

Fire ladders, escape ladders,...

-    Complete anodisation of ladder and cage prevents dirty hands and corroded aluminium.
-    Extremely maintenance-friendly.
-    Lightweight construction, so easy to install.
-    Large load-bearing capacity: tested at 350 kg (rung).
-    Ladder width 595 mm.

Fire ladders
DescriptionArt. Nr.Unit
Anodized fore escape ladder with cageBRANDMKper meter
Anodized fire escape ladder without cageBRANDZKper meter
Cage ringRING
Aluminium tubeALUKper meter
Coupler mountedKOPPELBPer pair
Door (non anodized)DEUR
Climb-trough protectionDOORK
Exit 50 x 50UITSTAP50
Exit 75 x 50UITSTAP75
Base plateVOETP
Spacer 220 type straightAFST220RPer pair
Spacer 220 type consoleAFST220CPer pair
Spacer 660 type straightAFST660RPer pair
Spacer 660 type consoleAFST660CPer pair
Platform 600 x 660BORD600
Platform 1200 - 1800 x 600BORD1200
Platform 1800 - 2500 x 660BORD1800
Switching platform (eaves) 600 x 800OVERBORD
Self-closing gatePOORTSL
Automatic unlocking with pin / handleONTPIN
Unlocking with cableONTKAB
Automatic unlocking with pedalPEDAAL
Telescopic handrailHANDV
Banister on roofDAKLEU
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  • Fire ladders
  • Fire ladders
  • Fire ladders
  • Fire ladders


Catalog february 2019